The Underdog Pat “Bam Bam” Healy And The Road Less Traveled

By: “Dr Steve” Hannant @SportsShrink With: Pat @BamBamHealy , Lightweight Champion Contender

Why is Pat “BamBam” Healy often the underdog?

His fight record of 43 pro fights makes him look old, really?

Or does it make him experienced and tough?

Despite the stereotypes, BamBam is only 28 years old, an age often considered the prime time of a fighter’s career. His fight record proves he has the experience of a 40 year old, trapped in young man’s mind and body, and this is a dangerous combination.

When talking with BamBam you will learn very quickly his MMA mission:

  • Strikeforce Champion
  • UFC Champion

This Saturday July 14th 2012 he fights in his hometown of Portland, Oregon via @StrikeForce. Portland is home of the legendary Team Quest, Elite Coach and Founder Matt “The Law” Lindland.  It is here that BamBam prepares to be the next Champion.

You can expect @Strikeforce to be offering a Title Shot after BamBam executes his next target for his 28th Win and 44th professional fight this Saturday. Anyone who follows MMA knows that BamBam is the #1 contender and deserves the shot to Win the Belt.

What you may not know is that in addition to top-level physical conditioning and MMA training with @TeamQuest, BamBam is also on a strict Mental Training Program. That is, everyday he commits to a personalized regimen of mental training to condition his mind for success.

“The Mental Training Program has kept me focused on those (key mental training) points, helping me prepare and get ready for anything.  I feel like I`m prepared for anything to happen, whether good or bad.”

~ Pat “BamBam” Healy, Lightweight Champion Contender

Pat “BamBam” Healy Mental Training Q & A

Dr Steve ~ Q: How much time do you commit to the Mental Training Program?

BamBam ~ A: I’d say I spend at least a half hour a day to an hour a day on my mental training.  I do a morning routine as soon as I get up, and it’s a bit of a moving meditation that keeps me focused on the fight and sets the tone right in the morning.  From there, I keep my whole day focused, and I think that’s an important part of the program is to get wired-in first thing in the morning, so you’re ready to set out on those goals you plan to accomplish.


Dr Steve ~ Q: What is the importance of mental preparation in your sport?

BamBam ~ A: Months of hard training come down to one night and 15-25 minutes. It only takes one mistake. 100% Focus through the training camp is an absolute must. 100% focus on victory the night of the fight is also a must. The mind must be as strong as the body or you will not preform to your


Dr Steve ~ Q: What motivates you to do what you do?

BamBam ~ A: Simple, I love what I do more than anything.


Dr Steve ~ Q: Do you practice any type of meditation or spiritual activities?

BamBam ~ A: meditation (various types), isolation tank, Qi Gong, and mindful walks.


Dr Steve ~ Q: What role do music and or video play in your training?

BamBam ~ A: I use (music and video) as relaxation and to study other masters in what they do, be it extreme sports, other combat athletes or mental masters.


Dr Steve ~ Q: Do you have any pre-competition routines or rituals?

BamBam ~ A: I have a morning routine to focus my mind and body but that is part of my daily lifestyle, not necessarily only pre-competition.


Dr Steve ~ Q: What types of mental training tools do you use?

BamBam ~ A: It is a long list. Visualization, goal setting, Qi Gong, Bikram Yoga, isolation tank, breathing exercises (breathwork), cognitive (thought process) training, affirmations, mindful walks, and various forms of mediation (e.g., mindfulness, Zen, sound, mantra, etc.).


Dr Steve ~ Q: Do you have an organized or planned mental training routine?

BamBam ~ A: Yes, the Mental Training Program includes a daily study and exercises called the “Task of the Day” (TOD) and my personalized morning routine.


The Road Less Traveled

Pat “BamBam” Healy is a true Warrior. His Irish blood is full of fight and his heart is fueled with a relentless drive to be Champion of the World. BamBam is committed to @TeamQuest, and he is committed to the Mental Training Program. He is committed to MMA and he is committed to becoming the Champion of the World via the road less traveled. That is, he trains his Mind, Body & Soul and he takes no days off. He always chooses to take the challenge and fight whenever and whoever it takes to complete his mission:

  • Strikeforce Champion
  • UFC Champion

Working with BamBam is a wonderful experience because he continues to raise the bar of the Mental Training Program every time we talk. Recently, I have updated the program to include mental “Challenges” to test the limits of the individual…

BamBam has no limits.

If there is a task to complete and a mission to be fulfilled,

He executes it!

Pat BamBamHealy will be Champion of the World

Can you keep up with Warrior BamBam Healy?

Take the Mental Training Program 35 Day Challenge.