Got Stress?

Stop STRESSing with a Mindful Walk

By: Dr Steve Hannant, PsyD @SportsShrink 

If you have been practicing the Mental Training Program you are likely to be experiencing increased self-awareness. If you are planning to start Mental Training, you can expect to increase your awareness.

This may be a positive experience for some or not so pleasant for others depending on what you are becoming more aware of…

Becoming more observant of your bad habits or even “triggers” may not feel good, but actually this is a key step towards changing your life for the good.

Practicing self-regulation techniques inherently improves one’s self-awareness. This wonderful side of effect of mental training will allow your mind to be able to handle more stress by helping you cope with and reduce stress at this same time.

  • Stress is everywhere and abundant
  • We cannot eliminate stress, but we can improve how we deal with it

Stress tolerance helps… 

  1. Increase productivity
  2. Enhance creativity
  3. Promote optimal experiences
  4. Reduce thoughts that contribute to feeling bad
  5. Reduce the health consequences (i.e., mental and physical damage)


When free from distractions or mental interference (e.g., negative thoughts) we lesson stress while opening the doors to creativity and the possibility of “Peak Performance.”

Mental Training leads to strong mental abilities that help reduce stress and increase the likelihood of Peak Performance.

Start Mental Training today with a simple walking activity…

Mindful Walk

Mindful Walk

Mindful Walking

  1. Mindful walking is mindfulness-based practice that uses present moment awareness of the mind/body/nature connection to improve the quality of mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.
  2. When you apply a few simple techniques, you can turn any walk into a rewarding mental training practice.

Basic technique

  1. While walking, focus your awareness on your breathing. Use this focus on the breath as a way grounding or returning to center.
  2. Next, notice any sights, sounds, or physical sensations that may come up. Focus your awareness of these senses for only a moment, and then return your awareness to your breathing.
  3. If persistent thoughts distract you from your mindful awareness, simply notice them, and ”let go” by return your awareness to your breathing.

Watch & practice this basic exercise

Check out YouTube Videos

Walking Meditation


  • Minimum of 5-10 minutes depending on your physical conditioning level
  • Remember… “Any practice is better than no practice
  • Best practiced outside, in nature

Start Walking 🙂