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Mental Training Program

A Division of Psychological Mobile Services, PA




I, Steven N. Hannant, hereby enter into the following agreement with (FULL LEGAL NAME). The terms of the agreement are as follows, Steven N. Hannant hereby agrees to provide performance consulting at No Cost for (FULL LEGAL NAME) and (FULL LEGAL NAME) hereby agrees to acknowledge Steven N. Hannant in a positive and approved manner on Twitter via mentions, re-tweets, Blog promotion and promotion of the website. The parties agree that this Agreement is binding, consideration is present, and the laws of North Carolina shall govern in the event of breach or dissatisfaction.


Nature of Service:

It is understood that Steven N. Hannant is providing only performance consulting and operating as a “Mental Coach” rather than a “Sport Psychologist” or “therapist.” Due to out-of-state license board restrictions, Steven N. Hannant is unable to provide any Clinical Psychology based services (e.g., therapy, evaluations). If any Clinical Psychological services are warranted or needed, a local referral will be provided.
Therefore, Steven N. Hannant’s services are limited to consulting that may include mental training coaching and performance enhancement information, resources and experiential knowledge.


I, Steven N. Hannant, have read and agree to the terms stated above.

I, (FULL LEGAL NAME), have read and agree to the terms stated above.

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