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Mental Training Program Team 

Matt “The Law” Lindland – Elite Athlete, MMA Fighter & Coach, Olympic Wrestler

Pat “Bam Bam” Healy, Professional MMA, Strikeforce, UFC, Team Quest

Dr. Steve has been a huge asset for me, I’ve never trained my mind for a fight before, and I feel even stronger going into this fight…he made me realize that I need to be training that (the mind), as well as my body. – Pat “Bam Bam” Healy

Team Quest

Alex Semenik – Elite Sport & Fitness Consultant, Business Owner

Alex has excelled in sports, coaching, and training. His resume includes Division I Football standout (San Diego State University) and NFL professional football experience (Kansas City Chiefs & Oakland Raiders). Alex has been a personal trainer and business owner for elite sport and fitness consumers. Over the years, while training athletes like Mike Tyson (Former Heavyweight Champion of the World) and consulting with Olympic trainers, Alex has witnessed the best of the best techniques for training and rehabbing elite athletes.