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By: Elite Coach @MattLindland & Dr Steve @SportsShrink

The strength of the Wolf is in the pack, and the strength of the pack is in the Wolf.

-– Rudyard Kipling

Team Quest: The Art of Individual Sport & Teamwork

Individual sport & teamwork discussion between Master Coach @MattLindland and @SportShrink “Dr. Steve” discussing @TeamQuest principals:

Matt Lindland: When it comes to training athletes for individual sports like #MMA we at Team Quest understand the individual competitor. We also know that every individual needs a team to be the best and to beat the best. Every Champion is a team member of some sort.

Dr Steve: As a former @Olympics wrestler and veteran MMA fighter with @UFC and @StrikeForce Matt Lindland knows that every competitor needs a strong team that is well disciplined. This is why Team Quest started and continues to be successful today all over the World.

ML:  We at Team Quest strive to be the best team in the World and home to the greatest athletes. Providing the comfort of a home to athletes and the discipline they need to be successful is not an easy task, but that is what it takes. Therefore when you train at Team Quest, you have to know that it is…

 “Our Way or The Highway”

The concept of teamwork for athletes competing in “individual” sports is sometimes difficult to understand and harder to teach.

It is true, there is no “I” in team, but there is “me” until the stuff hits the fan and that “me” gets turned upside down. Then it is all about “WE.”

-– Dr Steve

Typically an individual sport athlete is a part of some type of team(s). This may include the larger type team such as their gym, club, training camp, school, etc. or smaller teams that may include the corner men, personal trainers, sparring partners, doctors, lawyers, agents, promoters, etc.

Often, when talking with athletes involved with an individual sport such as MMA, Boxing, or wrestling their loyalty, dedication and commitment to these types of team is subpar. Please understand, when speaking with the athlete, it is NOT because they do not appreciate these teams and members. On the contrary, it is because they may not consider themselves a part of a team and they may not clearly understand each other’s role within the undefined organization or team.

The common theme amongst individual sport teams is the lack of the usually defined codes, structure, principals, commitment and loyalty. Without these crucial variables the team cannot hold the individual accountable and the individual cannot truly commit to the team.

For example, in the sport of Football is it clear who owns the team, the executives that run the organization, the head coach and all assistant coaches. The hierarchy is clearly defined. On the team itself, there is always a captain or captains and identified leaders. There are the veterans and rookies, stars, “walk-ons,” and “work horses.” Again, the roles are clearly defined. There are also numerous related team members that may include athletic trainers, doctors, lawyers, managers, cheerleaders and agents with defined roles. Other key members include the indirect team members which may include employees of the stadium or venue (e.g., maintenance crews, janitors, sales people) and of course fans, etc. Remember, without them, there would be no event. Together all these individuals make up a great system so the individual can perform and ultimately have a Job.

Understanding the athlete’s mindset that is drawn to the individual type sport helps shed light of the reasoning behind the inadequate developmental of successful teams in these sport types.

Often, the individual drawn to these types of individual sports are not looking for a “sport family” or team. The personality styles that help them be successful as an individual competitor are also the same characteristics that resist the dependency of the team concept. These athletes often have greater independency needs and may easily feel smothered when overly embraced by the commitment required by an organization or team.

Therefore, the key to success when working with an individual competing athlete that is apart of a team is to create a “happy medium system.”

These individuals may desire independency, however, they are inherently apart of a team even without definition. Therefore it is crucial for the individual and all participating members to understand the interdependent roles. First, the organization or team must clearly identify these roles and responsibility. Then, avoid dependency while fostering and accepting independency.

Note: this is NOT easy, but it is KEY. 

All Teams must have and abide by a CODE

Commitment to the team – there is no such thing as in-between, you are either in or out

-– Elite Coach Pat Riley

Elite Coach Matt Lindland explains the commitment needed to be a successful “individual sport” TEAM:

You can become Champion… IF and ONLY IF you go ALL IN with belief, extra hard work, a fabulous attitude, coachability, and a deep inner confidence that you WILL WIN.

Full effort, half ass effort, or no effort?  The last two are guaranteed to lead to failure and regret.  Go ALL IN TO WIN!

-– The Law

For some of you, quit the complaining and quit making excuses. JUST DO IT and push through it!  The best don’t whine and moan. The best MAKE IT HAPPEN regardless of the situation. Your attitude controls your altitude – the heights you will reach – what you will accomplish.

For some of you, quit being a quitter. Quit being a wuss and GET TOUGH!

FIGHT TO WIN!  BE A FIGHTER!  If you quit in practice, you will surely be a quitter in life which is a crying shame.  Plus, you will be a man full of regrets and “what if’s” for the rest of your life, which will be brutal.  I know a lot of these guys, and they are haunted by half ass effort from their fighting years.

Don’t be that guy

If you are serious, and have a worthy team, commit to your TEAM… right now. Buy into the system and follow the plan.

Take it from a veteran professional, I tried doing it my own way, and it didn’t work.  When I bought into the system and went all in, I became on Olympian and eventually a top MMA fighter and fortunately continue to be successful as a competitor and coach because of my TEAM and the members.

Thank you TEAM QUEST

I bought into the system fully with an all in commitment, dedication, and perseverance; this attitude produced success – it most often does.  But again, if you want to do your own thing, please, don’t train with us.

Team Quest doesn’t want or need you.

Example Code

  • Be a Man or Woman
  • No Complaining
  • Believe in the system
  • Follow the plan
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Be on time
  • Communicate (with coaches & teammates)
  • Don’t miss anything (unless you have a Legitimate Reason)
  • If you miss anything, MAKE IT UP ASAP!
  • Be Independent (Demand respect & express yourself)
  • Be Interdependent (Honor & Respect your Teammates)
  • Be Extremely Disciplined
  • Have zero Regrets
  • Have Confidence in YOU & the Team
  • Believe and Succeed

“Our Way or The Highway”