What Great Leaders Say About Great Leaders – Part 1

What Great Leaders Say About Great Leaders

With Master Coach Bruce Brown

By: Dr Steve @SportsShrink

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~ President John Quincy Adams

What is a leader?

Leadership is an activity by which a person empowers others to achieve a common goal. Leaders are able to do this by applying their leadership knowledge and skills.  While leadership is regarded as a learned talent, the abilities of the leader can be influenced by their attributes or traits, such as beliefs, values, ethics, and character. Knowledge and skills contribute directly to one’s leadership ability, while the other qualities give the leader certain characteristics that make them exceptional.

What does it take to be an Ultimate Human Leader?

When discussing great leadership and what is required to be an “Ultimate Human Leader” it is best to simply ask some of the great leaders living today. The individuals chosen for this blog series on leadership have proved to excel as “Ultimate Human Leaders.” Each of the interviewees is highly regarded in their field as being the best at what they do. Welcome…

Master Coach Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown

Master Coach Bruce Brown has worked nearly 40 years as a dedicated teacher, coach, athletic administrator at the junior high, high school, junior college and collegiate level. He has excelled as a coach in multiple sports including: football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball.

Master Coach Bruce Brown is the former National presenter for the NAIA’s Champions of Character Program. He is founder and Director of Proactive Coaching. To date, he is a successful nationally recognized speaker and presents nationally to athletes, coaches, parents, Universities, school districts and corporations that include Fortune 500 companies.

Ultimate Leadership ~ 10 Q&A’s with the Great Coach Brown

Q: Which is most important in a leader?

A: Completing the mission

Q: When faced with two equally-qualified leaders, how do you determine whom takes the Captain position?

A: Share the leadership or if you have to choose one, choose the one who naturally attracts the most followers

Q: What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

A: Courage

Q: What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?

A: Confronting problems – not confronting behaviors that are violations of the team values

Q: What is one mistake you witness leaders making more frequently than others?

A: Taking action before thinking or seeking counsel

Q: What is the one behavior or trait that you have seen derail more leaders’ careers?

A: Ego – selfishness – integrity

Q: What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?

A: Study great leaders

Q: What do you like to ask other leaders when you get the chance?

A: Who are your mentors?

Q: Who do you believe is the greatest leader of our time as a human race?

A: Jesus Christ

Q: Name one word that best describes the greatest leader?

A: Service/selflessness

Master Coach Bruce Brown’s Proactive Coaching upholds the following core beliefs:

  • Anything that can be done to improve the character of your athletes and team improves your chances for success in every way (including the scoreboard).
  • The athletic experience should provide an opportunity for character growth.
  • Athletics by itself does not build character. Character growth only happens when coaches intentionally model and intentionally teach character
  • It is OK for coaches to teach values.
  • Coaches and teams should have standards, not rules.
  • The clearer your standards are, the better chance your athletes will understand and rise to them
  • The character lessons intentionally taught and practiced will be a coach’s best legacy.
  • All the character traits learned from a positive athletic experience apply directly to every team in your life – families, businesses, schools etc.

Check out Master Coach Bruce Brown’s Proactive Coaching

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