Pat “BamBam” Healy And The Champion Quest

By: “Dr Steve” Hannant @SportsShrink With: Pat @BamBamHealy , Lightweight Champion Contender

When talking with BamBam you will learn very quickly his MMA mission:

  • Strikeforce Champion
  • UFC Champion

Why is Pat “BamBam” Healy often the underdog?

His fight record of 40+ pro fights makes him look old, really?

Or does it make him experienced and tough?

Despite the stereotypes, BamBam is only 29 years old, an age often considered the prime time of a fighter’s career. His fight record proves he has the experience of a 40 year old, fighting with a young man’s mind and body, and this is a dangerous combination.

What you may not know is that in addition to top-level physical conditioning and MMA training with @TeamQuest @MattLindland and @BJpenndotcom, BamBam is also on a strict Mental Training Program. That is, every day he commits to a personalized regimen of mental training to condition his mind for success.

Top Secret Mental Training

To better understand Pat “BamBam” Healy’s training regimen, we will take a look inside his Top Secret outdoor paradise training grounds at Freedom Farm.

Freedom Farm View

Note: Mental Training can take place anywhere and anytime. You can use Mental Training in your car, office, city apartment, country home, the gym, in the cage or ring, and in the light or dark, outside or inside, it does not matter. The mind is the most powerful tool you can possess and better you shape it, the stronger. However, when you combine top-level Mental Training with an optimal environmental setting (e.g., Freedom Farm) you accelerate the training program and enhance all the benefits.

Freedom Farm

When you arrive at the home of champion contender Pat @BamBamHealy you are greeted by a large security locked fence. To be granted access you must first pass clearance via the #EagleCreekFreedomMilitia. Good luck finding their remote hidden location. If granted access (I received the green light from the Future Champ himself) you must then traveling down the long dirt road cutting through huge towering Oregon trees as you are now truly in The Wild. Looking around you see paradise BamBam calls home. Every direction is a post card scene of all sorts.

Freedom Farm Gate

The next couple of hours were spent touring the Freedom Farm with Pat “BamBam” Healy and taking an inside look at just some of the many Mental Training spots along the 100-acre training paradise.

EC Creek

As we walked around one could not help but notice the calm bestowed along the path. The air was of perfect quality, thanks to the giant old growth trees, lush wilderness, free running water throughout the property, it was truly serene. Our walk brought us deep in the wild with specular views of nature. We encountered a few of BamBam’s ideal meditation spots, we saw wild animals, and took time to enjoy some of Pat “BamBam” Healy’s pristine relaxation methods (e.g., fresh water creek and private Gun range)

Gun Range

It is no wonder BamBam chooses to commute each day down from this wooded mountain compound into the Portland @TeamQuest. He lives the best of two Worlds having the greatest MMA gym and training camp in the nearby city and having the greatest Mind-Body training camp at home.

Pat And Steve

The Champion Quest

Pat “BamBam” Healy is a true Warrior. His Irish blood is full of fight and his heart is fueled with a relentless drive to be Champion of the World. BamBam is committed to @TeamQuest, and he is committed to the Mental Training Program. He is committed to MMA and he is committed to becoming the Champion of the World via The Champion Quest.

That is, he trains his Mind, Body & Soul and he takes no days off. He always chooses to take the challenge and fight whenever and whoever it takes to complete his mission:

  • Strikeforce Champion
  • UFC Champion

BamBam Warrior

BamBam is a Warrior!

If there is a task to complete and a mission to be fulfilled,

He executes it!

Pat BamBamHealy will be Champion of the World

Pat Champ

Can you keep up with Warrior @BamBamHealy ?

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