Windows to Our Children

Reviewed by @DrHannant & Book By Dr. Violet Oaklander

Windows to Our Children by Violet Oaklander, Ph.D. is derived from the authors Ph.D. dissertation.  It is personalized, conversational, narrated, and easy to understand.  The book describes “mini case histories” by which children with various mental health difficulties are treated using integrative healing.

This includes experiential therapies such as art expression via dream work, role-playing, story-telling, imaginative theatrics and other methods of “enactment.”  This book presents a fresh perspective of healing and multiple examples of healthful intervention.

Dr. Oaklander has introduced and organized methods for shaping behaviors and improving consciousness. In her teaching she explains “how to do it” effectively without being opinionated, disagreeable or controversial.  She admits that NOT all approaches work for all children and she provides personal accounts of what she has accomplished and how children have reacted. The book consists of examples of therapy sessions with children and adolescents.  It offers plenty of examples of the use of therapeutic techniques.

A major section of the book “Specific Problem Behaviors,” examines aggression, anger, the hyperactive child, the withdrawn child, fears, specific stress, conditions, traumatic experiences, physical symptoms, autism, guilt, and self-esteem.  Dr. Oaklander states “this book is written for all of you who work and live with children.” She includes counselors, therapists, teachers, mental health professionals, and “those adults who might want to contact their own childhoods in order to better understand themselves today.”

Windows to Our Children contains a considerate amount of educational and constructive procedures and suggestions to coping with children’s challenging issues. If you work with children and/or have children of your own, then consider adding this book to your library.

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