The Golden Way and Mental Training

The Golden Way & Mental Training

w/ DrSteve @SportsShrink & Matt Mitchell @WilsonPractice

The greatest stories are often metaphors that help us understand and hopefully improve our lives. No matter your beliefs, the story of the Golden Buddha provides a wonderful metaphor for anyone interested in optimizing his or her wellbeing.

One of the most famous images of Buddha is that of Phra Sukhothai Traimit or The Golden Buddha. The Golden Buddha is located in Bangkok, Thailand’s Chinatown. At three meters high and five and a half tons, it is massive, and its story is captivating.

Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha

Look and listen here to The Legend of The Golden Buddha.

The story of the Golden Buddha challenges all of us to live more authentic and passionate lives regardless of past injuries or hurts we may have sustained. It challenges us all to show and give the world the very best of our time, talent, and treasures. It challenges us to never settle for good when we are Golden inside. This can be thought of as living The Golden Way.

Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia

Living The Golden Way can be integrated into anyone’s Mental Training Program.

Start with these few steps:

  1. Look at the areas in your life you have hidden from the world. (This could be a hidden talent, skill, or person that is important to you.)
  2. Think about what it would be like for this talent, skill, or person to be a bigger part of your life that you are willing to share with the world.
  3. Brainstorm ways to be more open with this hidden talent, skill, or person.
  4. Choose one of the ideas.
  5. Act upon it. Do it!
  6. Notice what the experience is like.
  7. Decide which you prefer ~ Living a concrete and “Mortar Life” OR Living a Golden Life.
  8. Commit to living The Golden Life.