Tao of @DanaWhite

Tao of @DanaWhite

Q: Why is @UFC bigger than Boxing?
A: Dana White

Q: Why is @UFC the fastest growing sport?
A: Dana White

Q: Why do you think the @UFC is gaining sponsors at its highest rate ever?
A: Dana White

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been considered great since its inception by the hard core #MMA fans. However, it was not necessarily socially acceptable. Politically, MMA was facing abolishment in the United States due to the poor regulation of the sport.

In 2001, saving grace came in the form of Dana White and the Fertitta bothers. @LorenzoFertitta and Frank Fertitta purchased the UFC, Dana White was made President, and the great transition began. Overtime the UFC gained popularity, acceptance, and engulfed other competitive organizations.

The Tao of Dana saved the sport and turned the UFC into a global empire.

In the words of @DanaWhite ~

When we first bought the company, the only thing we ended up buying was the name… This guy (previous owner) had stripped it down and sold everything away. The company was in a lot of trouble. Basically, they were on their last show.

Our main goal, obviously, was to get (UFC) sanctioned in Nevada.

When we first bought the company, there was a stigma attached to the UFC … At that time we were out trying to talk to venues which weren’t even interested in having the UFC there… We had to go in and get people interested in our events.

Needless to say, things have come a long way since those days. To date, the UFC is the most popular show in cities across the U.S. and regularly the #1 Pay Per View (#PPV) order. UFC has also moved into mainstream television such as @UFConFox @SpikeTV @FuelTV

Why the Tao of Dana White?

Tao (in Chinese philosophy) is the absolute principle underlying the universe, combining within itself the principles of yin and yang and signifying the way, or code of behavior, that is in harmony with the natural order.

The mind of Dana White is sound and built for success embracing both the necessary yin and yang:

Dana White works for the fans…

“I put together the fights that fans want to see.”

Dana White is mentally tough…

“Don’t ever let anybody know you’re down or injured.”

Dana White wants (UFC) to be respected…

“We’re not for everyone, and we don’t try to be. If you don’t like fighting sports, great, this is America, that’s your right. All we ask is that people understand what we are.”

Dana White is a leader…

“I think that everyone is capable of being a leader when given a chance.”

Dana White cares about the fighter’s image…

“There were a lot of misconceptions about the sport (UFC) and the athletes. This (UFC TV) allows them (viewers) to look in and see how hard they train, what type of athletes and people they are.”

Dana White is a believer…

“If you book it, they will come.”

Dana White is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the current President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and he has led to company into prosperity on a global scale.

Thanks to Dana White, the UFC is now an internationally successful business organization and beloved sport.

The UFC is #1 and when Dana White is ready
for a Sport Psychologist to join their team…

Dr. Steve is ready and willing.