New York Bad Ass Mind of @PhilBaroni

With Dr Steve Hannant @SportsShrink

Phil Baroni aka “New York Bad Ass” #NYBA is a mixed martial artist living legend. He is charismatic, intense, tough, and an excellent warrior inside the cage. @PhilBaroni has developed a reputation for his boxing, knockout power, and he is a talented wrestler as well.

Baroni has fought all over the World with numerous popular organizations including the @UFC PRIDE FC @BestOfPride @Strikeforce, EliteXC, ICON Sport, Cage Rage @CageRageDave and Ring of Fire @ROFMMA

@PhilBaroni has an upcoming fight 8/31/2012 in Manila with ONE Fighting Championship @ONEFCMMA and is prepared to #WIN

Also on this card are other two other #MMA fan favorites @AndreiArlovski versus @timsylviamma and @Jens_Pulver.

Phil Baroni was a double college major in biology and psychology, and earned his degree in psychology. Therefore, to highlight his upcoming fight lets take a closer look inside the mind of the New York Bad Ass…

Mental Preparation Q&A with @PhilBaroni

Q: What is the importance of mental preparation in your sport?
A: Its 90 percent mental only the other half is physical.
Phil Baroni with the Yogi Berra mindset

Q: What motivates you to do what you do?
A: It’s what I was born to do. I’ve wanted to be a pro fighter since I was a little kid.
Phil Baroni is a natural born fighter

Q: What role do music and or video play in your training?
A: If there is good music it helps, but don’t’ need it.
Phil Baroni has no problem being unplugged 

Q: Do you practice any type of meditation or spiritual activities?
A: I’m a Christian
Phil Baroni is a believer and a man of faith 

Q: Do you have any pre-competition routines or any specific types of mental preparation techniques?
A: Nothing set in stone
Phil Baroni goes with the flow


@PhilBaroni fights 8/31/12 @ONEFCMMA

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