Understanding Basic Brain Integration

Understanding basic Brain Integration

w/ DrSteve @SportsShrink & Matthew Mitchell @WilsonPractice

“With our mind we make the world.”
– Gautama Buddha

Understanding Brain integration increases your wellbeing and optimizes your ability to achieve success. The brain is comprised of multiple parts. @DrDanSiegel emphasizes that we have left, right, upper, and lower brains. The parts each have a specific function and when they work together they are considered integrated.


In order to Achieve Your Personal Best, Dr. Siegel’s work suggests you should work toward integrating the various parts. Integration can be thought of as linking different parts of the brain together to form a well-functioning whole.

Similar to the way a well-tuned machine runs or a harmonized choir sounds, if one of the parts is disengaged, the whole suffers a breakdown or being out of tune. Dr.Siegel terms this breakdown or being out of tune in our brains as disintegration.


Disintegration is the cause of many of the difficulties of life according to Dr. Dan Siegel. Disintegration may cause a tantrum in a child or feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed in adults. These periods of disintegration have few positive outcomes.

The silver lining is that No One has to live in a state of disintegration. Recent research proves our brains are like plastic and constantly changing and evolving based upon experiences. The science of neuroplasticity proves that we can re-wire our brains through experience and behavior.


Mental Training is a good place to start for those seeking Integration.

Get started with basic Mental Training

Mental Training is the most important training…


Because every aspect of life and sport is mental, including relationships, work or school, training, and competition.

  1. Whether you know it or not, you are engaged in mental training 24hours a day.
  2. You can mentally train at any time, no matter if you are injured or sick.

Everyone Mental Trains all the time…


Because whether you are aware of it or not your mind is at work 24hours a day.

Because whether you are good at it or not your mind is at work 24hours a day.

  1. If you think (positive or negative) you are mentally training. That is, you are conditioning your mind for the best or worst.
  2. If you set goals, then you are mentally training.
  3. If you visualize, imagine or “see” in your mind yourself performing, you are mentally training.
  4. If you pay attention and concentrate during practice and during the competition, you are mentally training.
  5. If you have certain things (rituals and routines) you do at home, before practice, in the gym, before and during competitions, you are mentally training.
  6. If you breathe, you are mentally training.

All these activities mentioned above are skills and all skilled can be improved.

The problem is that most people are not self-aware and do not realize what they are doing most of the time.

True Mental Training involves…

  1. Becoming Self-Aware ~ aka STOP being in DENIAL and realize that you are mentally training your mind all day and night (while you sleep) for better or for worse.
  2. Start improving these mental skills by addressing mental training to enhance your performance.
  3. Master these skills and become more successful in your life.

Most people including athletes are NOT Integrating their brain

The Best are Integrating their brain


You can learn to master…

  1. Thoughts
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Imagery and Visualization
  4. Attention and Concentration
  5. Ritual and Routines
  6. Breathwork
  7. Attitude!