Mental Training is Gardening – Part 2

Mental Training is Gardening – Part 2

w/ DrSteve @SportsShrink & Matt Mitchell @WilsonPractice

There is no arguing that the American way of life has changed drastically over the past fifty years. One of the most drastic changes has been the ease access to food due to multiple technological advancements. The average American diet has become sugar, salt, and bleach saturated popped in the microwave or stocked with preservatives that has been stale in storage for excessive amounts of time.


America is one of the most fed, but unhealthy nations in the developing world.

To combat this way of life, home based self-sufficient and communal gardening have been developing trends to heal the mind and body.


The idea that individuals can return to their ancestor’s method of living to promote physical and mental health can be integrated into anyone’s #MentalTrainingProgram with the proper awareness and guidance.

Community Gardening

Community Gardening has become stand-alone movement over the past decade. Gardens are popping up all across the country to foster nutritional/health awareness, prove the importance of community and hard work, to beautify landscapes, and promote access to healthy foods to city dwellers or those without space for their own garden.


Community Gardening can be thought of as individuals working together in a mutually beneficial way. Through interacting with each other, individuals learn the value of teamwork, cooperation, and conflict resolution. Through the actual food, individuals help each other fuel their bodies in a healthy way.

Start today, and work together to incorporate Community Gardening into your Mental Training Program.

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