Mental Training is Gardening – Part 1

Mental Training is Gardening – Part 1

By: DrSteve @SportsShrink @DrHannant

Ultimate Fighter @BamBamHealy is… The BamBam Lean Green Garden Machine

Pat “Bam Bam” Healy lives on #FreedomFarm and grows his own fighter fuel via gardening fruits and vegetables. Right now he is producing some of the best green goods. Pat says, “We have carrots, cucumbers and wheat grass ready” and “coming along are great looking peppers, pumpkins, onions, and more.” Pat is an Elite athlete that has chosen to grow is own fuel to aid his mind-body training as a professional athlete working for the #1 Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organization @UFC.

DrSteve & Pat “Bam Bam” Healy on #FreedomFarm

DrSteve & Pat “Bam Bam” Healy on #FreedomFarm

Ultimate @UFC Fighter Pat Healy has been using #MentalTraining for some time and took his Mind-Body training to next level by starting a communal garden. If you have ever gardened then you may know about the wellness benefits such as the peace of mind you receive growing your own food, the discipline required to produce healthy foods, the active meditation, fresh air and outdoor time, and great connection with nature and Mother Earth.

Pat @BamBamHealy is not only performing one of best #MentalTraining practices anyone can partake in for their own wellbeing, he is also setting a great example for other athletes. Amateur and professional athletes, coaches and teams need to understand the benefits of gardening. Think about it…

  • As an athlete, food is the fuel and the basis for one’s livelihood.
  • Athletes spend countless hours training their body and taking care of their physical health. Most are on diets and use supplements.
  • Athletes also utilize or are beginning to use the powers of #MentalTraining in addition to their preferred relaxation activities (e.g., music, TV, movies, massage, hot tubs, etc.). These mental activities are needed to offset the intense physical training and competitive seasons or events.

However, very few athletes utilize gardening, which actually combines all of these activities and exercises.

Gardening is…

Physical – just try tending a gardening by hand (e.g., planting and weeding) Relaxing – it gives you a connection to nature with fresh air and a direct connection with Mother Earth who bears the food we need to survive. Mental – learning about growing makes you smarter. As a gardener you learn about all sorts of fruits, vegetables, weeds, soil, insects (good and bad), and what helps food grow, reducing weeds, disease, and what hurts our food. Social – if you want to learn how to garden, just ask an elder in your local area that already tends a garden. Or ask someone at your local farmers market or farm-garden store. You will surely learn that other gardeners thoroughly enjoy sharing their tricks of trade and do and don’ts. Just Ask! Mindful – time spent tending allows you to achieve a “flow” state of mind and teaches you about being totally focused, present in the moment, and thus is a great way of actively meditating. Healthy – because when you grow your own goods, you know how it is grown and you get to pick and eat it fresh. There is no veggie or fruit tastier than an all-natural freshly picked homegrown one.

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